MCS Repair Status

 Click HERE to check the Status repair of your device.

How to check the repair staus of a product undergoing a repair at MCS :

When your device enters the repair cycle at MCS, you will receive an automatic SMS informing you that it's now possible to check the Repair Status Online.

To do so, you only have to click on the enclosed link (or type it in any web browser) and enter 2 simple items that are enclosed in the SMS :

- The URL :

- The Case or repair ID : It's a 10 characters code that starts with a G (i.e : G123456789)

- The Postcode : it's the one you gave our technician (or the one he entered in your file) and that is also enclosed in the SMS.

Here's how it looks online :

Just type the 'Case Number' and the 'Postcode' and click 'Submit' and you will have a real time status of your repair.

Why on earth did we come out with this new online gizmo ? :

The number of products that the MCS Service Center processes every week has been increasing steadily over the past months.

We did a careful survey of a typical MCS technician's day and we found out that they spend an incredible amount of time answering the phone to questions such as 'Is my computer ready ?'

The worst part of this is that the more you call, the longer the repairs will take since our technicians' job is to repair products, not no talk with customers, no matter how nice they are.

So we would like to use this opportunity to explain the Repair Process that takes place in our Technical Service : 

1°/ When you come to our Technical Service YOU DONT' NEED AN APPOINTMENT. The first thing we do is to perform a first test (MRI) of your equipment. The technician will then give you an estimate of the time needed for the repair, and please bear in mind that we will do our very best to speed up the process.

2°/ The repair is then planned so that a full diagnostic and a repair can be made. Sometimes it might take a few days and this is perfectly normal since there are products already undergoing repairs.

3°/ When your turn arrives there are 2 options :

- for an Under Warranty product, the part is ordered.

- for an Out of Warranty product, we need to send you a repair quotation that you need to approve before wa can order any part.

4°/ We order parts every single day and most of the time Apple sends the parts within 24 or 48 hours.

5°/ As soon as we get the parts they are installed on the same day.

6°/ The product is the tested for the second time (MRI) to check that everything runs fine.

7°/ After all the tests are performed, the technician will contact you to let you know that the product is ready for pick up.

N.B : We must stress that you are AUTOMATICALLY Informed by SMS at every single step of the repair process and that calling us is just a waste of time.

We sincerely hope that this will lower significantly the number of phone calls so that our technicians do a better job which is ultimately good for you.

Thanks for your understanding